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The Ultimate Interview Checklist


You never know what you might need in an interview. Think about it—what if it rains? What if you need to write an important piece of information down? What if your stomach is growling before you head into the interview?

There are too many “what ifs” to leave to chance before an important interview. That’s why we have compiled the ultimate interview checklist for you to remember before your next job hunt.

Comprehensive Interview Checklist 101

  • Printed directions to the interview location – You never can fully rely on your phone’s navigation system to take you somewhere. Print out directions to the interview location—and you might even consider swinging by a day or two before the interview, to check how long it takes you to get there. It’s smart to leave a map in your car, too.

  • Several copies of your resume – One copy simply won’t do on an interview checklist. Always assume you’ll be interviewed by three people, rather than expecting just one.

  • Snacks – Keep a granola bar in your bag in case you’re hungry before the interview.

  • List of references – Include contact information for your references (name, phone number and email address). Provide at least three references for your interviewer.

  • Portfolio of work samples – Whether you have a USB stick or printed documents showcasing your portfolio, provide work samples to impress the interviewer with your accomplishments.

  • Deodorant – Some deodorants don’t last well throughout the whole day, so a quick reapplication might be necessary.

  • Pain relief medicine – Being uncomfortably achy or pained in an interview will show. Keep some Advil in your bag!

  • Hairbrush or comb – If it was a windy day, your hair will probably not be entirely interview-ready.

  • Kleenex – Come prepared with tissues; constant sniffling won’t look great in an interview. These also come in handy for lipstick touch-ups or other minor emergencies.

  • Umbrella – Be prepared for any kind of weather. An umbrella should be on any interview checklist!

  • Hair tie and bobby pins – If you want to pull your hair back for a professional interview look, these will secure it.

  • Stain remover pen – Clean up any accidental spill using a stain remover pen (such as Tide To Go).

  • Notepad with a pen – You never know when you may need to write down someone’s contact information. This item on the interview checklist will also paint you as a highly prepared candidate, interested in what the interviewer has to say (if you take a quick note of something during the interview).

  • Cash – You might run into street parking meters that accept only cash—or perhaps en route to the interview, you have to fill up on gas. Always keep extra money with you.

  • Band-Aids – Whether you’re breaking in new shoes or you sustained a paper cut while printing off your resume and references, you never know when a Band-Aid will come in handy.

  • Business Cards – The practice of handing over business cards during an interview has somewhat fizzled out of style, but it’s a good idea to carry them anyway. You don’t want to look unprepared if your interviewer hands you a business card and asks for yours.

  • Water bottle – Never stroll into a job interview when parched. Always be prepared with water in case your throat gets dry from talking during the interview.

  • Mint gum – This should only be chewed before the interview to freshen up your breath. Never walk into an interview with gum in your mouth—it’s tacky!

  • Pocket mirror – Double-check before you enter the interview that your makeup hasn’t smudged and that your hair and teeth look cleaned up (see point below).

  • Dental floss – You don’t want your potential employer staring at the piece of broccoli lodged between your teeth, do you? This is an often-overlooked item on any interview checklist, but it’s one of the most important.

What would you add to this ultimate interview checklist? Let us know!