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Streamline Your Hiring Process Today

By: Jason Blais

"Hire good people, treat them like adults, and get the [beep] out of the way," says Chris Fernandi at If you've yet to commit to a New Year's resolution, avoiding complexities while streamlining your hiring process is one to consider. And if you're like 48 percent of our polled audience, your top priority for January is to improve existing processes.

Why It's Important

1. The employment landscape is changing. Since the second quarter of 2008, it's no secret that U.S. hiring has declined with the weakening economy, forcing companies to focus more on layoffs and down-sizing than on optimizing hiring practices. But as the economy slowly recovers, companies with simple, effective, and engaging hiring systems will win the best employees.

2. Your leadership team can easily understand it and support it. In most organizations, it's easier to get internal buy-in and financial support during the first part of the year. With predictions of accelerated recovery as the year goes on, your hiring ROI will be substantial if you can reduce your time to fill and increase the quality of your hires, while jobs open up later in the year.

3. There is a wealth of assistance available at a relatively low cost. Over the past two years, many organizations laid off HR staff, starting with their recruiting department - an area in sharp decline. As a result, there are many experienced, qualified recruiting professionals now working as consultants. You may never have access to such a large pool of recruitment consulting expertise again - take advantage of it!

How You Can Do It

Once you identify where your inefficiencies exist, try the following:

1. Consolidate your recruitment advertising. According to Peter Weddle, the Zagat of the job board industry, the perfect mix of job board advertising includes one or two national/general sites, a geographic niche site, a diversity-focused site, and a couple of industry niche sites. Investing in technology that will automatically post your jobs to various boards with the click of a button (such as job scraping, wrapping and distribution technologies), will save your staff hundreds of hours over the course of a year.

2. Reduce hoops an applicant must jump through. Pre-employment screening and reference checks are the best way to get the best candidates - assuming your system is easy to complete for the candidates. If you're going to require drug and background screening, include the consent form in the application process, so if they are selected to be screened, there is nothing further required of them.

3. Assess before you schedule interviews. Unfortunately, many employers wait until after they've decided who they want to hire to present the assessment, creating tremendous inefficiencies. Use web-based assessments (skills-based and/or behavior-based) first. Interviewing costs are quite high. For around $10 a test, you'll dramatically cut down on staff time spent in the wrong interviews.

Don't forget to:

  • Be clear about your goals
  • Learn perceived pain points from your front-line recruiting staff
  • Ask recent hires what they would change about your hiring process and how it compares with others they've experienced

Get prepared to attract great talent as the economy recovers by streamlining your hiring systems today.