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Make a Better First Impression with These Eight Tips


Courtesy of HR Made Simple

First impressions are crucial. Learn these tips to putting your best foot forward during your next New Employee orientation.

Start Early

Begin the process before the new person starts work. Send an agenda to the new associate with the offer letter, so the employee knows what to expect. Stay in touch after he or she has accepted the position to answer questions or help in other ways. Also, make sure the new person's work area is ready for the first day of work.

Spread the Word

Make sure key co-workers know the employee is starting and encourage them to come to say "hello" before orientation begins.

Provide a Mentor

Assign a mentor or partner to show the new person around, make introductions, and start training. Let the mentor have sufficient notice so he or she can make preparations.

Start with the Basics

People become productive sooner if they are firmly grounded in the basic knowledge they need to understand their job. Focus on the why, when, where, and how of the position before expecting them to handle assignments or big projects. Don't overwhelm them with too much information.

Give Details

Provide samples about how to complete forms as well as the individual's job description with the orientation packet.

Have Some Fun

Do not spend time on every aspect of the handbook, only on the very important topics. Play a Photo Match game - after the tour. Each employee is provided photos of other employees and a list of names. The object is to match the name with the face.

Anticipate Questions

Provide a list of frequently asked questions with a contact person/department, and phone number or extension.

Go to Lunch

Plan to take the new employee to lunch, or ask the mentor, supervisor and/or co-workers to join the new employee in the lunch room.

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