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How To Write An Offer Letter For Employment


It may seem like a simple task to type up an offer letter for a job candidate. However, it’s not always a no-brainer when it comes to how to write an offer letter for employment. We’ve generated a basic guide for how to tackle this part of the hiring process.

How To Write An Offer Letter For Employment: The 101 Rundown

The Basic Outline

An offer letter should outline all elements of the role. This list includes job title, description of job duties, supervisors, salary, benefits, time off and start date.

Specific Terms Of Employment

Some businesses opt to include a non-compete agreement in the job offer letter. This informs the employee about the dos and don’ts regarding any competing companies in that particular industry. Confidentiality agreements are also sometimes added to protect information within the company.


Start out the offer letter by addressing the candidate and including the date at the top. Welcome him or her to the team and express how the candidate was carefully selected for the position. Example: We are delighted to extend this offer of employment for the position of [Position] with [Company Name]. Please review this summary of terms and conditions for your anticipated employment with us.”

After that, create a section containing job title, job description and any managers or supervisors the candidate will report to.

Salary & Start Date

Next, it’s an appropriate place to delve into salary. Benefits and severance packages can then be outlined, and you can also choose to include business reimbursements during the employee’s time with the company.

Finally, include a section for the new employee’s start date. This is crucial to include when learning how to write an offer letter for employment, because the new hire may have to allot time for relocation. Like the salary and benefits section, this can be negotiable—in case the candidate needs to square away any loose ends from his or her previous job.

Make sure to include a space at the bottom for the new employee to sign and date, in a confirmation of acceptance. If you wish to pin down a deadline for the candidate to respond to the offer, include that at the bottom. (Typically, five business days is the standard timeline that employers request).

Do you have any tips regarding how to write an offer letter for employment? Let us know!