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How To Decide Between Two Candidates For A Job


Let’s say you have two excellent candidates vying for one role at your company. How do you weigh each one’s strengths and weaknesses to conclude that one is a better fit for the position?

Here’s how to decide between two candidates for a job, if you’re stuck in a hiring rut.

How To Decide Between Two Candidates For A Job

-First, you might consider giving a sample project to each candidate to complete. This can help you gauge the results and see which applicant performed better on a task suited to the job requirements. One candidate might outshine the other when it comes to skills critical to the role, or in other positive traits such as teamwork.

-Does each candidate express an interest in the work and in your business? When learning how to decide between two candidates for a job, it’s crucial to factor in employee enthusiasm and drive. If one of the candidates seems less excited about the role, you’ll know which direction to proceed.

-Call references to flesh out a more thorough picture of each candidate. Inquire about teamwork skills—how effectively does the candidate work with other people? Furthermore, you can check with references (and on the resume itself) if one candidate has a track record of promotions throughout his or her employment history. If so, you’ll know there is room for growth and you’ve probably snagged a real leader.

-Is education important to you as an employer and as a company? If so, you can consider looking at each applicant’s education history or GPA.

-Often, this predicament is best delved into through anecdotes that reveal leadership characteristics. For example, if you’re wondering how to decide between two candidates for a job, ask each applicant about a time they handled a tough situation at work or with a coworker. Was there a time each candidate faced a major team decision, or successfully solved a problem at work?

-Which would you see yourself meshing with more easily in the workplace, personality-wise? Perhaps the decision comes down to your gut feeling about the candidates, or imagining what it would be like with either one in the office each day. Might one candidate fit in with the company culture better than the other?

-Even if you decide on one candidate and it turns out to be a bad choice, you can always contact the one you initially turned down for the role. Sometimes, you never truly know until you’ve hired someone that it was the right decision—particularly if the two candidates were so similarly qualified for the role.

These tips will help you learn how to decide between two candidates for a job. In the past, how have you handled this kind of situation in hiring? Let us know!