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Helpful Apps for Acing Interviews


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Helpful Apps for Acing Interviews

By Shawn McGowan,

So you've done your time and made the efforts to show how your qualifications match the needs of the employer. And like lightning from a clear blue sky, you get a call for an interview! Your hard work has gotten you this far, but it isn't over yet.

Researching and properly preparing for an interview can be a time consuming part of the process that leads you to your next job offer. This added time investment can seem daunting, especially while continuing to apply to other opportunities, and balancing your finances, family, relationship, and/or current job.

With the unemployment rate in the U.S. still looming at over 9 percent and just over 7 percent in the UK, it's no surprise that there are more products available than ever to aid the weary job seeker. No place is this more evident than the booming Apple iTunes App Store. No matter what your interest, hobby, or situation is, there is something for everyone. Need help getting ready for that big interview? "There's an app for that!"

Here are my three favorite (free and paid) iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) apps to keep you engaged and to prepare you for your big interview - no matter where you are.

By Netmodular | 99 | Preview

With a clean look and easy navigation, there is some solid advice here for both the infrequent interviewer and the seasoned veteran. From foods to avoid before the interview to tips on tough questions you may not think of. There's not a ton of content, but the videos included are concise and well-produced. The inclusion of associated blog posts was a great way to add content that is constantly updating.

The selling point on this application for me is the 72-hour countdown that sends push notification alerts to your device to direct you back to the app at each vital point in the coming days and minutes of your interview. This is a helpful and engaging tool to keep you on track to ace that interview.

By Santpal Dhillon | FREE | Preview

This well-designed app has 55 questions separated into categories ranging from time management, adaptability, negotiation and more. Each question has answer tips that can be altered and saved, and each has a space you can type your own answer to the question.

I was disappointed that I wasn't able to copy or paste text into these fields, but that may be fixed in future updates. There is also a practice section with more queries but no suggested answers, handy for quizzing yourself.

A search function is included with the option to add a search question to a list of favorites for quick reference. The app also includes some helpful do's & don'ts as well as tips on attire, dining etiquette and even a diagram on how to tie a tie (half-windsor only). This app includes links to RSS feeds as well, keeping info fresh and up to date.

For 99 more, the Pro version has 255 questions and no ads. The upgrade is well worth the money, in my opinion.

By SwipeQ | FREE | Preview

This simple app is a great tool to peek at when you have time to hone your answers to common interview questions. It has 40 questions indexed by topic from beginner to advanced, each with an "answer" that gives key points to hit, and "notes" giving many helpful examples that you can add to or delete altogether and replace with your own notes or answers. Sadly, I was unable to paste text into these fields.

It also includes the ability to search all questions and "favorite" them as well. I liked that you can select shuffle and then enter "view all" for a random list of questions to keep you on your toes.

SwipeQ offers an upgrade of this app, "Interview Questions 150" - containing 150 questions for $1.99. If you like the simplicity of this app and its content, it may be a worthwhile purchase for you.

Having tools like these on your iPhone or iPod touch to peek at while waiting in line, eating your lunch, or riding the elevator up to the big interview can help you to mentally prepare yourself at a moment's notice for what could be the opportunity of a lifetime.