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Are You Root Bound

By: John Neal


By John Neal, Live Your Dream

A while ago, I decided to replant an oxygen plant that my wife had purchased for me into a larger pot. She had bought me a nice bag of potting soil and I found a large plant pot to place the plant in. As I gently removed the plant from its old container, I noticed that my plant had become root bound, meaning the roots had become compacted, so the plant could not have reached its fullest potential in size and sturdiness.

The Metaphor

And that's when it hit me. Many adults I come in contact with are root bound because they have not expanded their boundaries. Their personal growth cannot reach its full potential. Just like my oxygen plant, these adults have great potential that will not likely be achieved unless their life force is released from the crushing hold of their current environment.

Replanting Ourselves

When searching for new employment opportunities, we should consider the experience as being on a quest to make changes in our lives; changes that will reap similar benefits to the ones gained by replanting my oxygen plant.

Growth Potential

Aside from the obvious need for money to pay our obligations, employment should afford us new and exciting opportunities to spread our wings and find our true potential. New employment opportunities should help us break free from the dreaded comfort zone, where we can become stagnant and root bound. It is important that we search for a new position that will allow us to become "free range" people, who are developing our potential to the fullest extent possible.

Ways to Grow

We can expand our ideas about what we are capable of doing by possibly enrolling in a class or program to gain new skills in an area that interests us. Start now. Discover possible unknown talents that you possess and develop your skills.

Acquiring knowledge and developing skills will help in finding that job that is a perfect fit When we remove any limiting factors that impede our growth, the rewards for this effort will be paid back to us many times over.

So, release your potential by removing the walls that are around you, the ones that are keeping you root bound and limiting how far you can go with your talents and abilities. You will then most certainly find the position that is looking for you.

After 25 years in the paper making industry, John Neal reinvented himself, went back to school and now designs and delivers keynotes, workshops and seminars that help people dream of a future of possibilities. As owner of Live Your Dream, John offers individuals and groups coaching on relationship building, goal analysis and how to discover the answers from within.